Country Mardi Gras Wednesday/Thursday

I didn’t write yesterday. I was so tired and then we drank wine. This trip has been so much fun. I just wish my hip has not hurt so badly. I’m glad that I’m not waiting until May to have my surgery to have it repaired. I am not sure that I could wait that long. Already April 19th seems a world away. But I have hobbled around and just bit my lip when I have needed to. Luckily Carolyn knows what is going on, our group leader is now aware of it after seeing my face yesterday. I think she thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion or something yesterday. It was funny. I told her that no, I was hungry, a little tired, but mostly just hurting from walking around the little village and just needed to sit down.

Because I didn’t write yesterday, it already seems like a blur and it is only Thursday morning. We got on the bus early and went to the Jean Lafitte Center, which is a National Park and watched 2 very interesting films about the Acadians and about the Atchafalaya Basin. It was all very interesting. From there we travelled to Vermillionville, which was the original Lafayette. It was where I had trouble walking around for such a long time. But the lunch was very good and I felt better after we were able to sit down and rest for awhile.

We returned back to the hotel and had the afternoon. Carolyn and I took the hotel shuttle up to Walgreens and shopped and then rested back at the hotel. Then we went to Martin Accordions. That was a lot of fun. The family put on a fantastic show for us and we learned a lot about accordions. Loved this. The family was great, they were funny and the music was fantastic. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and had Louisiana pizza. Yum!

We returned back to the hotel and Carolyn and I started talking about our next trip. Time to get ready for my day today!


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