Country Mardi Gras Tuesday

It was Fat Tuesday and I will never have the same view of Mardi Gras than I did before. Before when somebody mentioned Mardi Gras, I pictured New Orleans, partying, floats, beads, lots of people, women taking off their shirts, etc. Someplace I would not want to be. I have never been to New Orleans and I do not ever want to go during Mardi Gras. That’s for sure.

We celebrated the country Mardi Gras today. We went out to a family farm near Iota, Louisiana and the Mardi Gras showed up at the farm in wagons pulled by pick up trucks. The costumes, the guys, the begging, the chasing of the chicken, etc. It was just an incredible experience. One I will never, ever forget. Afterwards, we joined them for burgers in the barn. We were able to chat with them. From there we moved on to a festival and then went back to the hotel.

We learned Cajun dances, went out to dinner and danced. I can’t dance very well because of my hip. Surgery on April 19th. I did not describe the Mardi Gras celebration very well, but I am so tired. I can’t even remember what is on the schedule for tomorrow!

So I guess it will be surprise!


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