Country Mardi Gras Thursday/Friday

Somehow I got off one day of writing during this vacation. My hip has been hurting really bad, so I have been very tired by the end of the day. I will try to fill in what happened yesterday. It was a fairly leisurely day and it was our last full day here in Cajun Country. I will miss it here.

We had a small talk by a guy who plays the fiddle and is of Acadian descent. We have had quite a bit of history regarding the Acadians and I find it very interesting. I love genealogy, so maybe that is why. I love that they still speak French. And that they sing in French. He was very funny. That was about 1.5 hours but it went very fast. We then rode out to a little grocery store/meat market/restaurant out in Breaux Bridges, LA and had lunch. Good fried chicken. Came back to the hotel.

Then it was time for the swamp boat tour. We have been extremely lucky with the weather while we have been here. It may have been overcast at times but it never rained while we have been out and about. We went out on our boats. It was so nice on the water. We saw alligators, turtles. all sorts of birds. The wind felt good. Then the boat broke. It was funny. The boat got working again and we continued on and just saw amazing things. I really enjoyed it.

We returned to the hotel and got our certificates as honorary Cajuns. This was our final meeting together before dinner and Cajun dancing. We went back to Breaux Bridges for dinner where I had stuffed crabs and jambalaya. Yum. It was just delicious. I didn’t dance as my hip just can’t take it. I am actually beginning to look forward to my surgery on April 19th…Carolyn didn’t seem to mind that I didn’t want to dance!

Carolyn and I got a glass of wine through room service and talked for quite awhile. I can’t believe this trip is just about over. It is now Friday morning. We have the Foodie Tour (more eating!!!) I wonder how much weight I have gained this week! I have loved the food and the music this week. Carolyn’s flight leaves about 5pm. I have the hotel room until 5pm. My bus leaves at 9:55pm Late!

Carolyn just arrived back from her walk…more later!


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