Country Mardi Gras Monday

What a fun day! After I woke up too early (and woke Carolyn up…) we had a nice buffet breakfast here at the hotel. We walked up to a bakery and looked at their king cakes. They are beautiful. Carolyn was thinking of having one shipped home to work. We headed back to the hotel and at 9:15 loaded onto the bus for Eunice, Louisiana. There, after a great lunch, we had a great presentation regarding Mardi Gras–I will never look at Mardi Gras quite the same way again I don’t think. I never knew everything that was explained. This guy was funny also. Then he had some country Mardi Gras guys there and they came running in begging. One sat next to me begging and I finally had to give him $5 just so he would leave me alone. We were in a theater full of people and he wouldn’t leave. It was so funny. Carolyn and I are now calling him my “Cajun Man.” Tomorrow we are going out to a farm and experiencing the “country Mardi Gras” and after hearing this presentation, it should be really interesting. Chicken chasing, etc. We will be eating hamburgers in a barn with “the Mardi Gras”.

We had time to rest back at the hotel, and then we headed into Lafayette for the in-town Mardi Gras. I was so worried that I would not get any beads. Carolyn and I had read that if you were visiting from out of town, you should make signs and so we had gone to CVS and made little signs to hold up during the parade to get attention. We got to the parade route and had PoBoys for dinner. Yum. Then went outside for the parade. Those signs really worked. We got so many beads. And we had a blast! It was a rather short parade, but it was so much fun. I look forward to tomorrow for the country version and the festival. That will be fun.

We have crashed back at the hotel, our beads are strewn all over the hotel room, and we keep giggling over little things. It’s just a lot of fun. G’nite!


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