Back on Track

I lost 109 lbs. and reached my goal back in 2010. In fact, it was July 2, 2010, so this month 10 years ago. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago. Wow. I belong to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and I became the 2010 TOPS Texas State Queen and I was able to travel around the state of Texas and speak to groups, some over 200 people, and tell my story. It really brought me out of my comfort zone, let me tell you. I loved it though and met tons of people who I am still friends with today. I normally see them once a year at the state convention, which because of everything happening in this crazy world, we were not able to hold it. It was supposed to be in Waco, which we love because there is so much to do there now. And it is not too far away as well.

Anyway, I have had several surgeries during the past 10 years. I had my right jaw joint replaced in 2012. My right hip replaced in 2014. My neck fused in 2014. My right hip re-replaced in 2017 (it did not “take” the first time…) My left hip was just replaced in January. After each surgery I have struggled with my weight. Not 100 pounds. But for awhile there was 30 of it, but I finally got it off and reached my goal again. After this past surgery in January I have been struggling with 10 pounds. I am on “medical leave” with TOPS, which means that I haven’t lost my KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) status but I need to get back to goal within a certain time frame. With everything going on and without having meetings right now my time frame ends next April. So I am trying to get 10 pounds off.

I have changed in 10 years. I can’t lose weight as easily as I did ten years ago. It is frustrating. I took 109 lbs. off by eating less and moving more. That was it. I did not deprive myself. I believed in moderation, not deprivation. So I lost it slowly. It just doesn’t work as easily anymore and I can’t exercise as easily as I used to. My arthritis is worse and my back is not in great shape. I go to pain management and get injections, my sacroiliac joints are shot, and these are things that I just can’t do a whole lot about. There are no surgeries that are going to help. So it is frustrating. My spine is compressing, so I have lost over one inch in height in one year. Sigh.

So talking to my doctor I have been reading The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. I have begun fasting, just on certain mornings, not all the time. This goes against everything I have learned in TOPS. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It has been hard. But I am back to writing down everything I eat. Drinking black coffee except using Monk Fruit sweetener, instead of my beloved Sweet and Low. I am a “pink packet” person. Not anymore. I eat too many carbs. So that is ending. I am now walking 5 mornings each week and I am up to 35 minutes each time. I started at 20 minutes. Over the past 4 weeks I have increased up to 35. I am down one pound as of this morning, but that can change in one day. Very frustrating. But this is all under my doctor’s watchful eye. I see him again next month and we will see how it goes. I am still reading the book and it is very interesting. My younger sister has problems with her blood sugar levels and she is reading The Diabetes Code, by the same author.

I will keep posting here. It helps. I don’t know if anybody reads but that’s okay.