What if this should happen to you?

What if one day you were getting ready to go to work and you started having trouble breathing and pains in your chest. Next thing you know, you are in an ambulance and that is where you have a heart attack. You are 53 years old. You have to have a triple bypass, but there are complications. After the procedure is completed, your heart stops three times, but the staff is able to bring you back. Then your kidneys fail and you have to have dialysis. Because of an autoimmune condition (ankylosing spondylitis) you cannot be put on a transplant list. You are on a trach tube and cannot speak. You are being fed through a feeding tube. You had your surgery in May and the following January you are still in the hospital. You are making progress, slowly. You just took 2 steps using the parallel bars and with a lot of help. You finally are rid of the trach tubes, and after 7 months, you can speak for the first time. Now you can also eat food as they have removed the feeding tube. Your umbilical cord has been cut. You are reborn. Think about it. Meanwhile, your job is gone. You had to leave on disability, so you only get a percentage of the pay that you were getting. Your medical bills are piling up; thankfully, it looks like Medicare might be approved soon, but not soon enough and it won’t cover enough. Would you want to have to worry about this? I wouldn’t. This story is about my friend Shelly. It is a very condensed story. But please help and donate to the GoFundMe account…Thank you! http://www.gofundme.com/jfwnr4