New Hip and Still Here!

I have been MIA. In November, I found out that I needed a total right hip replacement. I knew it was inevitable, but it came as a surprise anyway. All the time the doctors told me that I was “too young”. I guess when the cartilage tore, that pushed me over that age threshold! ha ha  Anyway, I had the surgery on January 8th and spent two weeks at my parents. My mom was great taking care of me. I came back to my house last week and have been trying to take it easy. I can always tell when I have done too much–unfortunately when it is too late though! I have been starting to feel quite isolated. None of my friends live close by, so I am pretty much by myself. My parents are going to pick me up tomorrow and I will spend the day with them (and go to the grocery store!) and spend the night with them. They will drive me home Thursday morning.

I put my house on the market in December. I need to move closer to my parents as they need somebody closer by and I guess I need to be closer to them and other people as well! Right when I went into the hospital, I got 3 offers and ended up accepting one that met my asking price and no closing costs. Closing is on Feb. 26th, so when I was recuperating at my parents, I was able to get an apartment in the same complex as them. I will be very close by. A few years ago, I would have said “no way!” about living so close to them. Now I am looking forward to it. I must be getting old! ha ha  Moving date is Feb. 20th so I am hoping that pretty soon I will be up to packing stuff up some more. Not today though!

Today is below freezing and ice all over the place. We aren’t used to this stuff down here in Texas. I grew up with it in Maryland, so I get all excited about it as I miss winter (and spring and fall). I hate summer as I get tired of over 100 degree temperatures all the time. I am not able to drive yet, so I don’t have anywhere to go anyway, so I am fine with just curling up on the couch for the day and staying warm.

I feel like an idiot. Awhile ago, somebody nominated me for some “award” on WordPress and I did not understand what I was supposed to do. So I did nothing. I am regretting that now. So I apologize if I messed up.

My caregiving job is going great except I have been off of work since Jan. 3rd. I am looking forward to getting back, but it may not be until March. Of course, money is tight due to the fact that I am not working, but it isn’t like I am going anywhere to spend it, right? ha ha

I know this is short and, hopefully, sweet. I just wanted to catch up. I miss writing!